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This Peru is low on acidity with nutty notes that gives it a smooth smoky finish.

Generally, Peruvian coffee has a light to medium body and a smooth aftertaste. It’s also aromatic and incredibly flavorful. Because of its mildness, it’s perfect for blending but the sweet, nutty taste also means it can be savored on its own.

The majority of the coffee growers in Peru are small farmers, and the average farm is only 7 acres. Many of these farmers participate in fair-trade cooperatives, improve the quality of their beans. Peruvian small-farmer cooperatives became the second largest supplier of certified fair-trade coffee.

Tasting Notes

  • Chocolate
  • Nutty
  • Medium Body

Roast Level

Roast Level Medium Dark

  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Fair Trade Organically Grown

We use organically sourced beans to create artisan coffee that is patiently roasted in small batches.  Helping animals in need is at the heart of our business and a portion of the proceeds from each bag of coffee is donated to animal rescues.

Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Degner

Love the Peru blend so much! So smooth and flavorful, and the scent upon opening a new bag is just so yummy. It's definitely my favorite. 2 paws up!

Joni Atkinson

Love my Peru

Lynn G.

We love the Peru coffee! It is very flavorful without being overwhelming. It’s a wonderful morning coffee to wake up with!

Kara Merrell

My husband and I LOVE Peru. We ordered 3 blends and this was by far our favorite. So smooth! Headed to order auto delivery now. :)

Terri Stevens
Love waking up to this!

I hate to admit that I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob! Life is too short to drink sub-par coffee. The Peru coffee is medium bodied and is very smooth. It has a subtle nutty flavor with hints of chocolate. I look forward to trying out more of these coffees!

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!