5 Ways to Brew Coffee at Home

There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee to start your day. Whether you’re running around making breakfasts and packing lunches, preparing for a full day of work, or enjoying a slow, quiet morning; a great-tasting brew is the best way to get moving. 

We know how tempting it is to run through the coffee line on your way out in the morning, besides, coffee from a coffee-shop just “tastes better,” right? Wrong! Friend, I am here to tell you that there are simple, easy ways to make a cafe-worthy cup of joe at home! 

Here are 5 ways to brew coffee at home: 

  • French Press
  • Espresso
  • Chemex
  • Drip Coffee
  • Moka Pot

  • At Frenchie Coffee Roasters, we believe everyone should be able to skip the java drive-thru line and brew a delicious cup of coffee from the comfort of their home. Read on to discover which diy coffee method is the one for you! 

    French Press

    A french press may be the most simple (and quick!) way to make at home coffee. Using the immersion method, the french press completely submerges the ground coffee in hot water, using a metal strainer to separate the brew before you pour it into your cup. 

    The best coffee for use in a french press is a medium or dark roast. I recommend Frenchie Coffee Roaster’s Brindle Blend. With notes of caramel, chocolate and sweet citrus, you can’t go wrong! 


    While a quality espresso machine can be a bigger investment up front, let me tell you it is worth every penny in the long run! Typically, when you run through the coffee stand on your way to work in the morning, they are using an espresso machine to make your perfect cup. By investing in an at-home machine, you can bring that same cup of coffee to your own kitchen!

    An espresso machine uses pressurized water to push the coffee through a filter, making an espresso shot. The shot is then mixed with water or milk, depending on your preference- or enjoyed on it’s own for an extra zing! I’ve found that the medium roast Sumatra Blend makes an excellent shot of espresso. 


    A Chemex is an hourglass-shaped, glass device that utilizes the infusion method to make a great-tasting cup of coffee. Using medium-coarse ground beans and the 3-layer, cone-shaped Chemex filter, pour hot water over the grounds and allow to brew. 

    Using a Chemex is easy, and produces a rich, smooth brew. Chemex produces the best coffee when using a light-medium roast like Frenchie Coffee Roasters organically grown Colombia Blend

    Drip Coffee

    Commonly made at home, drip coffee is an easy, accessible way for anyone to make their own coffee. This method uses the pour-over style, where hot water is poured over coffee grounds so that it can “drip” through the filter into your mug or pot. Drip coffee is most often made using a traditional coffee machine. 

    For drip coffee, I recommend a nice, medium roast. My favorite go-to is this full-bodied, full-flavored Guatemala Roast

    Moka Pot

    If you’re looking for a rich, strong cup of coffee, a moka pot is the way to go. In fact, the strength of a moka pot’s brew is second only to espresso! Using the pressurized method, the three-chambered pot is used on your stovetop over medium-heat. 

    When using a moka pot, choose a dark roast like Frenchie’s sweet, nutty Peru Blend for optimum flavor. 


    Now that we've shared our favorite brewing methods with you, tell us which one you are going to try in the comments below ⬇️

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